Boundless Life Redefines Education, starting with Children of Digital Nomads – Yahoo Finance

Boundless Life Redefines Education, starting with Children of Digital Nomads – Yahoo Finance

MONTREAL, QC / ACCESSWIRE / December 22, 2022 / The epidemic acted as a wake-up call for many people, who realized that having experiences and spending time with family came before living a consumerist lifestyle. One factor that held many people back from such a lifestyle was the fear of uprooting their children and the lack of continuity in their education. Boundless Life has reimagined education for the children of digital nomads, making it easy for both children and parents to move fluidly between locations while following a consistent curriculum. Boundless Life provides families with all the attributes for a comfortable life that is flexible enough to satisfy the demands of remote professionals and their families in three locations: Sintra (Portugal), Syros (Greece), and Tuscany (Italy).

“Many individuals perceived the epidemic as a phenomena that offered unprecedented social, economic, and environmental difficulties. This, in my opinion, is a chance to improve the way we live, learn, and work. With Boundless Education, we enable families to relocate with minimum impact on their children through a consistent curriculum, schedule, and classroom look & feel. My kids have no issues moving countries with Boundless Life but had a hard time adjusting to new schools in the same city before. We provide tailored and meaningful learning experiences for our students that build on their fundamental abilities in Math, English, and science while also motivating them to question, create, and invent based on their own unique interests, preparing them for the future. Our activities are designed not just for children but also for parents, allowing them to connect with other members of the community,” says Founder and CEO, Mauro Repacci.

The curriculum offered in the Boundless Education centers is closely aligned with the UK curriculum, the US Common Core curriculum for English and Math, and Finland’s award-winning Nordic Baccalaureate program, which focuses on core academic concepts as well as equipping students for the future through experiential project-based and nature-based learning. Aside from the education, each community features furnished homes and co-working hubs that are within walking distance, making life easier for remote workers to live, work, socialize, and spend time with their families.

Mauro is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several technological companies. He launched Boundless Life along with his co-founders, driven by the desire to see the world and travel with his children. Boundless Life provides 6-week and 3-month programs for children ages 1-12 years. With the advent of remote work, many Americans are relocating to countries such as Portugal and Greece because of the low cost of living and good environment.

With Boundless Life launching its new model of education that combines both offline and future-forward education with a location independent living model, families have an opportunity to develop connections and explore different local cultures while enjoying the fellowship of like-minded families.

“With Boundless Life, we are building communities that provide families with all the facilities that they require for a comfortable, worry-free lifestyle. We provide a world-class educational model that follows children as they move from one of our locations to another, ” says Mauro Repacci.

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