Every Year, 20-50 Million People Suffer Injuries in Road Accidents – Clocr Wants to Help with Its Emergency Card and ICE Vault™ – IT News Online

Every Year, 20-50 Million People Suffer Injuries in Road Accidents – Clocr Wants to Help with Its Emergency Card and ICE Vault™ – IT News Online

Austin, TX December 29, 2021 –(PR.com)– Every year 20 to 50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries in road crashes(1), and every thirty seconds, a death happens on roadways around the world(1,2). If one of those affected was your child, your mother, your father, your spouse, partner, or best friend and you would want to know immediately and have instant access to critical information, wouldn’t you? Clocr allows you to do just that. It’s all about family for Clocr founders Apoorva and Sree Chintala, a father-daughter duo.

“Clocr’s patent-pending Emergency Card and In Case of Emergency aka ICE Vault™ offer a unique solution that can bring peace of mind to travelers, digital nomads, and bikers, and pedestrians. Knowing that your emergency contacts are a quick call away is such a relief,” says Apoorva, Clocr Co-Founder and CEO. In 2020, Apoorva and her team were selected as one of the top 16 collegiate entrepreneurs of the year, and since then Clocr has been garnering praise and attention for its unique and easy-to-use online solution.

Clocr’s “Emergency Card” enables first responders or good samaritans to instantly access the emergency contacts of the person in need using their smartphone. When the QR code on the Emergency Card is scanned, an SMS alert is sent to all the emergency contacts and the caller will be connected directly with one of the available emergency contacts. You can test the feature here: https//app.clocr.com/emergency-card-demo.

Clocr’s “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) Vault™, part of its Digital Vault™ provides a first-of-its-kind, patent-pending solution that enables one’s emergency contacts to access important information, especially in case of emergencies. The information in the vault is safe and super secure, and it won’t be accessed until the emergency switch is turned on. The contents in the vault are protected by cutting-edge, patent-pending security built based on IPFS and blockchain concepts that slice the information and documents and distribute the pieces across multiple storage locations.

“COVID-19 has only heightened the need for and awareness of how individuals prepare for unexpected and sometimes life-threatening emergencies,” says Sree, himself a serial entrepreneur before teaming up with his daughter on Clocr. “In case of hospitalization, timely access to emergency information like blood group, medical allergies, medications, health records, and medical insurance details can, literally, save a life.”

“At Clocr, we are committed to building solutions that help people in their time of need. We are enabling access to emergency information and contacts that may reside anywhere in the world,” says Apoorva. “Whether its college students away from home or studying abroad, carrying Clocr’s Emergency Card provides additional peace of mind that your emergency contacts and information are accessible.”

Clocr’s Emergency Card and Emergency Vault work in tandem, further extending the ability to quickly access important information and documents.

Here is what makes Clocr’s ICE Vault™ unique:

Super Secure Digital Vault: Files and information are digitally sliced and distributed across multiple storage locations. The slices are assembled only when the information is accessed by the user.

Emergency Switch: Allows users or the emergency contacts to turn on the emergency switch when there is a need to access the ICE Vault™ .

Superior Communication & Audit Trail: All the …….

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