Top 3 Digital Nomad Visas You Can Qualify For Making Less Than … – Travel Off Path

Top 3 Digital Nomad Visas You Can Qualify For Making Less Than … – Travel Off Path

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In spite of opening many doors, Digital Nomad Visas (DNVs) are often criticized for being too difficult to obtain, or too expensive, immediately discouraging, or even blocking millions from applying. Fortunately, there are 3 DNVs you may be eligible for when making less than $2000 a month.

These visas are becoming more popular as taboos surrounding remote work are broken, and more countries ease their strict immigration rules. While this is great news, high financial requirements imposed by authorities have proven a major obstacle for middle-income nomads, including long-term travelers aspiring to relocate abroad temporarily.

There are, of course, some exceptions to this rule. Who needs an overpriced, overly bureaucratic Western Europe anyway?

3. Latvia

Continent: Europe

Financial Requirement: USD $1677.88 per month

Length of Stay: 2 years

One of the lesser-known countries in Europe, and perhaps one of the most underrated, Latvia launched its DNV last year to limited media coverage. Spain, Italy, and Greece received thousands of applicants upon releasing their own; in contrast, this Baltic state’s announcement went by almost unnoticed, even though it has a lot going for it.

Once a USSR Republic, Latvia has a long record of socialism and a much older History as a valuable port on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Wandering Riga, visitors will be mesmerized by the stylish Art Nouveau architecture interspersed with Brutalist, Soviet-era apartment blocks, tall church spires, rows upon rows of guild houses, and medieval landmarks.

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Outside the capital, other destinations worth exploring are Jurmala, an up-and-coming resort town home to an extensive sandy crescent, and Daugavpils, which carries the name of a nearby Bastion fort built in the 19th century. Incredible History aside, trust us when we say you won’t find a DNV as cheap as this in Europe.

In order to be eligible, Americans must observe some simple criteria: not hold EU/EEA/Swiss simultaneously, as in this case, they already enjoy the freedom of movement; work for a company registered in an OECD country, such as the U.S., Canada or Mexico; and lastly, earn at least 2.5 times more than the minimum wage in Latvia.

In case you are wondering, Latvians earn, on average, €620 per month. This means an American would need only USD $1677.88 to satisfy immigration requirements. Needless to say, with a financial threshold as low as this, the cost of living is much less burdensome compared to the States: consumer prices in Riga, including rent, are 64.8% less expensive than in U.S. cities.

Pros Of Living In Latvia As A Digital Nomad:

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